Flower burst

Flower burst


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Flower burst, millefiore at its best with pink and turquoise flower beads and jhumkas. The necklace is made of alternating flower beads and plain turquoise clay beads. Each bead and the jhumka dome are made using a technique called millefiore, meaning million flowers creating the flower burst effect. The beads are arranged in a size gradient in the necklace, with two bicone beads in the center portion to break the monotony and to make it more interesting. The earrings are a pair of jhumkas with the domes embellished with beautiful pink and turquoise flowers. With all these elements put together, you have a very unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, that can make your day very special.

Dimensions ( all measurements are approximate)
Necklace lenth: 20 inches
Earring type: Jhumkas
Earring size: 2.5 cm diameter

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Pink, Turquoise


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